The Recession, the Credit Crunch, the Global Economy.



All it seems to be at the moment is how screwed the world is when it comes to money, you can’t turn on the news without it being in the headlines somewhere. And yes, by all accounts it’s true. Goldenhillsrealestate  People aren’t spending what they used to, people are losing their jobs, some their homes and generally having a pretty bad time of it. Mebel-center But what does this mean to Fitness Business Owners like you and I? Does it mean that as personal training is seen as a luxury, that we should pack it all in and try something else? Carpangel I don’t vote, I have no interest in politics, in my mind, they are all as bad as one another and will lie cheat and steal to get where they are and then change their stories when they get in and are therefore no use to me as an independent personal trainer so instead of focusing on who’s in power and what they can do for me, I concentrate on where I am and what I can do for myself. Yarnandsewon Again this is just my opinion, people going on protests and engaging in political discussions and activism seems like a massive waste of time and energy for a freelance business person, use this time to seek out business opportunities, if PT dries up, start a boot camp, if Gym numbers drop, move to a different gym, if a client loses their job and cannot afford your PT anymore, move them to boot camp or up your referral marketing. Artemiadirect

 Stay one step of the game, there is business out there for all of us, you just have to look a little harder sometimes. Doggoneglamorous My line of thinking, if the government cut schooling, I’d better earn enough to send my Kids to private school, if they cut NHS I’d better earn enough to get private health care for my family. This is what drives me to work harder. Moanutrition

 I’m pretty qualified to say this as I launched my full time PT business in the middle of the recession, in a budget gym with 4 established personal trainers in place at the beginning of July and I still came up trumps! And you are in exactly the same position as me. Autorepairnorwood

 You can’t control the government, you can’t control your clients being made redundant and you can’t control the economy. What you can control is how you act, the amount you work and the intelligence applied to your business. Mindreamfabric

 I have a fridge magnet that says “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” and it looks like its raining right now! So focus on what you can do to “dance in the rain” and don’t ever blame the economy or anything else for you not being successful.  Artemiadirect


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